What Sets Us Apart

Packaging, Quality and Innovation

Eco-Friendly Soap
Packaging: We understand your business and we know how frustrating it is to throw out half used products, or the time taken to check whether a product has been opened or not. Our ultimate goal is helping reduce waste and carbon footprint. Our Villa Earth and Villa Elite collections are in fully recyclable / biodegradable (in a commercial composting environment) packaging with tamper proof seals. This means housekeeping can quickly assess whether the product has been opened or not.
Quality: Our product are formulated by us so offer you a luxurious product that leaves your skin and hair feeling soft and healthy. Sold in the millions, Villa has been tried and tested by the North American consumer. Based on feedback, we have perfected our recipes to ensure the highest quality is produced and loved by those who use it. Our products are not tested on animals, and are paraben free. We also offer sulfate free options. We are proud of our collections that have been created responsibly with revolutionary end results.
Quality Control on Products
Innovation in New Zealand
Innovation: Available in the New Zealand market for the first time, the Villa range is unique and will peak the interest of your customer. Our stylish packaging will leave your guests feeling like they have been treated to something exotic while never leaving their room. With delightful natural fragrances, the Villa collection will excite and replenish your customer’s bathroom amenity needs.