How We Got Here

The New Zealand - Canada Alliance


Parkside Professional Products Limited is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, but it is deeply rooted in Canadian history as well. Flexo Products Limited, a family run business started exactly 100 years ago in 1918, and began by selling flexible mops and rags.

Today, they sell over 10,000 cleaning products including cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, paper products and maintenance supplies.

Caleb Parker, the fifth generation of Flexo married Daniella (Haver) Parker, a Kiwi, and now lives in Auckland. Together, Caleb and Daniella have started Parkside Professional Products Limited, a company focused on the distribution of high quality sustainable hospitality products and specialising in hotel amenities. With the ingenuity of a New Zealander, combined with the design and backing of a large family business in Canada, Parkside is offering a full range of motel, hotel and lodge in-room products to suit your guests' needs from basic to luxurious.

The Parkers are passionate about the environment and helping accommodation providers reach more sustainable hospitality solutions. As a new player in the New Zealand market, Parkside stands behind their product, guaranteed.